Religious Witness for the Earth

New England Interfaith Call for Climate Action

Climate change calls us to speak and to act.

We cannot remain silent as global warming alters the earth’s climate, melts arctic ice, floods low-lying homelands, spreads tropical disease, unleashes devastating storms and droughts, exterminates countless species, and threatens agriculture and society worldwide. As ever, the first victims will be the poor and powerless among us.

In New England, global warming will likely cause incalculable harm to our economy, public health, coastal areas, farming, foliage, maple sugaring, and tourism.

Every religion forbids theft. Let us not steal from our children to support our addiction to fossil fuels.

Every religion forbids idolatry. Let us not sacrifice Creation on the altar of consumption and profit.

In August, 2001, all New England governors and eastern Canadian province premiers approved a Climate Change Action Plan that established regional targets for reduction of greenhouse emissions. Each state and province is now preparing its own plan to meet these goals.

We call upon our governor to endorse and implement a strong and effective plan for our state that will:

  • Encourage energy efficiency, conservation, and development of renewable sources.
  • Lead by example by improving energy efficiency and conservation in state government.
  • Achieve greenhouse gas reductions in our state that meet or exceed the regional targets.

We pray for the wisdom and courage to meet the challenge of climate change.

Please e-mail this page to your family, friends, colleagues, religious community -- to anyone concerned about environmental justice and global climate change. Ask them to sign the call and pass it on.

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