Religious Witness for the Earth

Religious Witness for the Earth is:

  • Interfaith We welcome people of all religions and spiritual paths without discrimination.
  • Independent We work closely with many religious organizations but are beholden to none.
  • Grassroots We are a membership-based network of both clergy and laity.
  • Activist Our primary strategy is public witness, from outdoor worship to nonviolent civil disobedience.
  • Nonviolent Believing that any form of violence is spiritually harmful and strategically counterproductive, we aspire to love in all our endeavors.
  • Circulated a Call to Religious Witness for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge signed by over 170 clergy and hundreds of lay people.
  • Met with members of Congress urging protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and action to end global climate change.
  • Organized a Service of Prayer & Witness outside the US Department of Energy in Washington, DC, followed by nonviolent civil disobedience resulting in 22 arrests (including 10 clergy).
  • Organized a Prayer & Witness for Climate Action in every New England state capital.
  • Testified at state and federal hearings on energy conservation.
  • Co-sponsored a demonstration at SUV dealers near Boston.
  • Gained national media attention including the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, PBS, and Alaska Public Radio.
  • A New England Interfaith Call to support the Climate Change Action Plan approved by all New England governors and eastern Canadian premiers.
  • Active cooperation with other religious and secular environmental groups.
  • Encouraging RWE local chapters and initiatives nationwide.

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